Reflective Boudoir Photography

Reflective boudoir is our Exclusive Boudoir Photo session.

Koray is working with mirrors for the last 8 years and this is his specialty and his passion. He created a special system of mirror labyrinth years ago and used this system in his last two exhibition series.

To your desire, he can prepare a photo session, entirely unique, inside this labyrinth system.

You will live through a phenomenal experience during this reflective boudoir session.

When you enter in this amazing labyrinth you can see yourself in 360˚ at real time. This means you and so many of your reflection poses, in every angle, comes into one frame.

The post production system (retouching, cleaning, color correction, hardness, etc.) of reflective boudoir session takes longer than a normal boudoir session. Reflective boudoir is a full package service, including fashion stylist, hair & makeup artist, photo shooting session, and post production of the chosen photographs. We give you 20 of your beautiful chosen images digitally on a USB stick together with a 11” X 14” avenue photo book and 8.5” X 11” prints.

If you want to have your own photos taken like the ones in our gallery, please contact us. But don’t forget the rates for the reflective boudoir photos, higher than a regular boudoir sessions.